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18 Nov

Enterprise and Innovation Centre at Nottingham Trent University

The new home for local businesses, start-ups, students, graduates and local entrepreneurs. Nottingham Trent University are opening a dynamic and innovative centre for both entrepreneurs and growing enterprises that want to work and co-locate with them.

18 Nov

Flood Support from Nottinghamshire County Council and Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire County Council have announced their support for residents and businesses affected by recent flooding. Both councils are offering emergency payments of up to £300 for small businesses who have been affected by the floods.

18 Nov

Funding Available for 150 SMEs to Develop New Skills

Do you know anyone who works in, or owns an SME? If so, we would really appreciate you sharing this exciting news with them. SMEs need to apply now to secure one of these limited places on this critical government-sponsored trial.

Women in Innovation Global Business Innovation Programme on AI & Data with Israel

Innovate UK together with UK Science & Innovation Network Israel are organising a Global Business Innovation Programme for women innovators in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data with Israel to encourage diversity in innovation and showcase UK women-led businesses.

This fully-funded programme, consisting of a preparation phase in the UK, a 5-day visit to Israel and subsequent follow-up support, will help your business bring your ideas closer to market by tapping into the strong Israeli R&D and investor community.

Why Israel?

The Israeli innovation and start-up ecosystem, particularly in Digital, AI, Cyber, is known worldwide for its vibrancy and is supported by high levels of investment in R&D (number 2 in the world). Over 300 multinationals including Facebook and Amazon are actively taking part in the Israeli innovation scene by setting up R&D labs in the country. The UK government has recently signed agreements to strengthen links between the UK and Israel and a £4M joint R&D call is currently open. A number of Innovate UK Global Expert Missions have laid the ground work for further collaboration between the 2 nations and this programme is part of that drive.

What are the benefits of attending?

• Get a unique chance to engage with the vibrant Israeli start-up and innovation community

• Get a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities in doing business in Israel

• Find potential partners and investors

• Get insight into new markets for AI and Data

• Discover fresh ideas from international thought leaders

• Boost your profile in the UK and overseas

• Improve your company pitches for international partners and investors

• Become part of a new UK-Israel network of women innovators making an impact in AI and Data


 3-7 March 2019 (


£400 deposit (incl. VAT), fully refundable to participating delegates. Please note non-attendance after formal acceptance may result in forfeiting all or part of this deposit.

Who should attend?

UK registered, women-led*, small and medium-sized enterprises that demonstrate a significant development in or use of one or more of the following technologies: machine learning and AI; Data analytics or ‘big data’. (*applicants can also be female co-founders and women in senior decision making roles)

Selection Process

Applications will be considered in two phases:

Phase 1: Online applications to assess eligibility and suitability.

Phase 2: Shortlisted companies will be reviewed by a panel who will select the final delegation for the programme


Application deadline: 7 January 2019



Apply here