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15 Nov

Government Announces Support for Flood-Hit Farmers

Flood-hit farmers in northern England will be able to apply for up to £25,000 in govt grants to help them get back on their feet. The government has announced they will extend the Farming Recovery Fund to support farmers badly affected by the floods.

14 Nov

Business Brexit Checklist

The Business Brexit Checklist has been created to help you consider the changes that Brexit may bring to your company, and to help business planning at both operational and Board levels.

13 Nov

Invitation to Tender: ScaleUp360 Programme Workshops and Business Advice

A procurement opportunity has arisen for a bank of high growth business support specialists to supply 1-2-1 business advice and workshops to businesses and entrepreneurs in the Sheffield City Region (SCR).

Survey delves into CSR commitment

Posted on November 13th, 2017

Over the past ten years, pressure has grown on firms large and small to give something back to the community.

Called Corporate Social Responsibility, it started more or less as a nice-to-have add-on to corporate activities, sometimes with the incentive of being tax deductible, but is now viewed by many as fundamental to strategic policy.

It takes many forms, from advocating global solutions for issues such as climate change, poverty, equal and human rights to offering staff to work with local charities on specific projects.

How many firms are actively involved in CSR activities and in what form isn’t fully known, so the Chamber is using its Quarterly Economic Survey for the fourth quarter of 2017 to start compiling data about this growing phenomenon.

Firms taking part in the survey, which feeds regional information into a national survey about business success over the previous three months and expectations for the next three, will be asked whether they are currently actively involved in CSR projects or plan to be, what they might involve and whether the CSR activities form part of their strategic plans.

Next February, the Chamber will be hosting a regional CSR conference, at Trent Bridge, Nottingham, which will examine current practice in the region and look at ways of developing sustainable relationships between the private and charitable sectors and offer delegates help getting started with CSR.

Chris Hobson, the Chamber’s Director of Policy, said: “Corporate Social Responsibility has really taken off in the past decade and is as diverse as the firms involved in it. What we want to do through the Q4 QES is get a feel for how widespread it is and who is doing what with whom and how often.”

To take part in the Q4 QES, visit