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15 Feb

Global Business Innovation visit to the Netherlands focus on artificial intelligence and robotics

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), delivered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), is organising a visit to the Netherlands for innovative businesses that are active in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics sectors.

14 Feb

Mansfield i-Centre - The place to grow your business

Mansfield i-Centre currently have a range of offices avaialbe.

14 Feb

Leading accountancy firm pledges further three years as headline Business Awards sponsor

Leading accountancy firm Mazars has committed to a further three years as headline sponsor of the East Midlands Chamber annual business awards.

New VAT rules for United Arab Emirates

Posted on November 21st, 2017

New VAT rules will be introduced across the United Arab Emirates from 1 January 2018.

All Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) have agreed that it will be mandatory for companies with revenue of over US$100,000 to be VAT registered with the Federal Tax Authority.

Registration will be voluntary for companies with turnover above US$50,000, but with thresholds that low it is thought the majority of companies in the UAE will pay VAT.

With the go-live date of VAT in the region just two months away, those exporting to GCC countries using the DDP Incoterm should be aware of the five per cent charge being introduced.

The charge of VAT on imports will work in a similar way as it does in the EU at present, with the VAT being paid before goods can be released. Where appropriate, the importer will be able to reclaim the VAT paid.

For more information visit the UAE Ministry of Finance website.