Toyota City Industry Festa 2018

2018 is the twentieth anniversary of the international relationship between Derbyshire and Toyota City in Japan. As part of this, a delegation from Derbyshire will be exhibiting at the Toyota City Industry Festa in Japan on 22 & 23rd September 2018. They will be promoting businesses located in Derbyshire.

Do you have a product or service that you would like to promote to Japanese businesses or consumers? If so, please click on the link and answer the questions:

For businesses seeking inclusion in the Industry Festa exhibition, please complete your details by 19 August 2018. There is no charge to take part in this initiative, which is being undertaken by the Toyota City Partnership Development Board.

Further information

Japan in the world’s third largest economy, with a population of 120 million, a GDP twice that of the UK and the world’s second largest retail market. The country has an increasingly globalised outlook, attracting £9 billion of exports from the UK each year. 450 British companies have operations in Japan across a range of sectors, and the country is the second largest market for the UK in royalty and licencing income. Japanese consumers spend more on consumer products and seek high value products offering quality, luxury, style and convenience.

Traditional UK export strengths have included manufacturing, consumer goods, high tech and services encompassing: scientific and medical equipment; food & drink; apparel and clothing accessories; cosmetics and perfumery; transport, including shipping, aircraft and spacecraft; media, including TV, film and publishing; natural or cultured stones and metals; financial and business services, including legal, accounting, advertising; and, R&D.

There are growing opportunities in sectors linked to the shift towards low carbon, a globalising business environment, high spending consumers, an ageing society, and expertise in major sporting events. This includes: life sciences, ICT, advanced engineering, sustainable energy, recycling, fashion & design, creative & digital content, and education & training.

Derbyshire’s international relationship with Toyota dates from the announcement in 1989 of the car plant at Burnaston near Derby. In 1998 this was formalised with the signing of an agreement with Toyota City in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan, forging a unique link that continues to go from strength to strength. 2018 is the twentieth anniversary of the relationship and marks the start of a period that will see Toyota City become a Host City for Rugby World Cup 2019 and a Pre-Games Training Camp for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

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