PAB Languages Ensured Covid Messages Weren’t Lost in Translation with a Free Offer to Business

Translation services firm PAB Languages stepped forward with a free offer of help to ensure that companies and other organisations could swiftly share vitally important information about Covid-19 with their non-English speaking staff and those for whom English is a second language.

The company very quickly recognised the importance of serving and supporting communities during the Coronavirus pandemic, and on 23rd March 2020 began offering a free translation service of precautionary Coronavirus-related material to businesses and organisations for internal use.

PAB Languages felt it was of paramount importance that it shared its expertise in the way it knew best – helping to ensure that critical health and safety messages weren’t lost in translation.

Over more than four months, PAB Languages translated almost 10,000 words from English into foreign languages as part of the complimentary offer. With it's teams working from home, the company translated a range of important public health and safety materials into 11 different languages including Bulgarian, French, Italian, Polish and Romanian.

The free support was hugely appreciated by companies and organisations, including councils and firms working in the food sector, farming industry, and the medical profession. It performed a key role in helping them to provide vital information to their entire teams and ensured an inclusive approach at what was a very unsettling time for the community.

One recipient of the free support said : “We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that was involved in providing this free COVID-19 related translation service. I am super impressed with your service and turnaround times. You’ve certainly de-stressed us in helping with the situation.”

Another said: “We would like to acknowledge the invaluable help we have received from PAB Languages. Their team of professional translators has enabled us to get key messages out to all of our residents in multiple languages. They have supplied their services free of charge to help everyone in our diverse community during the coronavirus crisis, and we are hugely grateful for their assistance.”

Chief Executive of the PAB Group, Iwona Lebiedowicz, said: “We could see that guiding employees through the COVID-19 crisis and out the other side, ensuring they felt informed, engaged, reassured, motivated and valued, was one of the challenges employers faced. Regardless of their nationality or type of employment contract, more than ever, all employees need communication, empathy and connection.

“Our input has helped to ensure that no message got lost in translation and that all employees have been included, respected and supported.”

In addition to offering the free translation service for eligible Coronavirus material, PAB Languages has also been taking part in delivering Free online events to help support and guide businesses.

The company, which has its East Midlands office based in Nottingham , has been operating for more than ten years and offers translation in over 200 languages for a range of services including technical publications, commercial contracts, marketing materials, and health and safety regulations, along with interpreting, and  language and cross-cultural awareness courses. The business works with local and national government bodies, as well as multinational corporations and SMEs.


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