Fresh Logistics Assist with Jonny Wilkinson’s No.1 Living Kombucha

Jonny Wilkinson’s No.1 Living Kombucha doesn’t half fly out during their marking campaign thanks to Fresh Logistics.

Fresh Logistics, who specialise in temperature controlled logistical solutions, have been tasked with providing the chilled logistics for No.1 Living’s marketing campaign at Waterloo Station. The Kombucha drinks brand, set up by England rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson is a living, unpasteurised, healthy drink created by fermenting tea and packed full of live cultures and goodness. It is currently stocked in Sainsbury’s, Boots, WHSmith, Upper Crust, Whistlestop, Ritazza, The Pasty Shop and Urban Express.

Fresh Logistics

Fresh Logisitcs, with many years’ experience and knowledge from similar campaigns, were approached to assist with the planning, collecting, storing, transporting and product movement from vehicle to distribution whilst maintaining the products ice cool temperature. They also sourced and delivered 14 distribution bins. Over 25,000 samples were handed out at the busy Waterloo Train Station, with flavours varying from Raspberry & Pomegranate, Traditional Lemonade, Ginger and their own take on Cola. 

Jonny Wilkinson, owner of No.1 Living commented,

A great success, really enjoyed meeting everyone at Fesh Logistics, and there was a great atmosphere whilst sampling in Waterloo with the team.

One happy recipient stated,

To meet Jonny Wilkinson is amazing and I can’t wait to try this drink!

Luke Seale, Operations Manager at Fresh Logistics noted,

we’ve worked with No.1 Living for a year or two now and really enjoy working with the team. We felt privileged to be initially asked, then when we found out a certain owner was due to arrive, with many staff playing or having played rugby, it made it very exciting! We hope the event is a great success and opens the door for No.1 Living to gain more Kombucha drinkers nationwide.

If you would like to learn further information about Fresh Logistics, visit their website

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