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22 Nov

Our Future Derby

A new and exciting initiative which engages primary school children and introduces them to the changing world of work is being rolled-out across 37 primary schools in Derby. Find out how you can get involved.

21 Nov

New EAFRD to help create new jobs for Rural Businesses

The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) Growth Programme has opened a new call under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) worth £35 million.

18 Nov

Enterprise and Innovation Centre at Nottingham Trent University

The new home for local businesses, start-ups, students, graduates and local entrepreneurs. Nottingham Trent University are opening a dynamic and innovative centre for both entrepreneurs and growing enterprises that want to work and co-locate with them.

Enterprising ideas to transform our future: Ingenuity19 needs you!

More than 1/3 children in Nottingham live in poverty, and 5.2million women in the UK live in poverty. How could you change this?

Ingenuity19 is looking for young people (18+) from around Nottingham, with bright ideas for how we can create real, lasting social change through non-profit, scalable activity.

If you are running an organisation, or wish to start a business or social initiative that can help tackle poverty in Nottingham, we want to hear from you.

Through the Nottingham City Community Bursary, you’ll be able to enter Ingenuity19 free of charge and have access to (see the Ingenuity19 website for more details):

  • The inspirational Future Communities Summit
  • 2 ideas generation events
  • 6-week enterprise skills programme
  • 22+ keynote speakers
  • 50+ hours skills and training
  • £150k+ prize fund to turn your idea into a reality

Through Ingenuity19, we want to accelerate the development of your ideas, and provide you with a support network of Nottingham-based entrepreneurs, business people, charities and industry mentors who can help you build your idea.

As well as access to the main events, you will also have:

  • Lunch and refreshments at the Future Communities Summit
  • Mentoring opportunities from industry experts, giving you insight and expertise to build your ideas at the Summit
  • Database of Ingenuity19 online resources, providing you with exclusive access to essential information needed to progress your idea into a financially-sustainable product or service
  • Additional seminars and lectures from industry, academic and thought leaders in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation

Ready to get involved and shape the future?

Register through the Nottingham City Community form here:

If you’d like further information on the Ingenuity19 programme, or have any questions, please contact Elizabeth Smith at