Top 5 Ways to Keep your Employees Happy

Businesses can do many things to make money, grow and improve but even those at the top of their industries know that without a happy workforce a business isn’t going to reach its full potential. A happy and harmonious workplace is where productivity, creativity and ultimately earnings are able to improve. Happiness is the state that people do their best in, no matter the environment, so if you’re looking to add even more happiness to your business, here are a few tips that your employees will enjoy.

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Share what you know

As the business leader, you know a lot of things about the company. Sharing that same information with your employees is important. Not only will it leave your colleagues feeling involved and considered, but it will also give them the big picture of where the business is headed. Furthermore, by having all the information your employees will feel like they are even more a part of the overall picture, validating their work that much more as they can see the results and reasons behind all their hard work.

Different kind of perks

Of course the old fashioned extra perk is always a helpful happiness booster, but the more special the perks are, the more your employees will work for them! Some examples that you might not have thought of yet include: extra holiday, a gym membership, extended health benefits, and special treats of days out. The better the perk, the more your employees will feel motivated to earn it, and the less it will feel like a silly gimmick used as an excuse to get them to do even more work.

Language and communication

Good Job

Although you are in a business setting and keeping the distance at times may be recommended, saying “thank you” will go a very long way. By showing your gratitude, your employees will feel respected and valued for the work they are doing. Furthermore, with the appropriate language the communication between you and your employees will also improve. The more transparent and kind you are, the easier it will be to work together. A quick email praising staff for their recent hard work can make all the different to employee moral.

Do not bring the office home

Perhaps one of the most important tips you can implement to increase your employees’ happiness is respecting their off time. It is understood that when they are in the office, they are there to work and tasks can be assigned as necessary. However, once that employee leaves the office to go home, that boundary must be respected. That boundary means no calling, texting, or emailing that person once they are out of the office. And if you do choose to contact them, do not expect a response before their next time they’re back in the office.

Show them a career path

Perhaps one of the most satisfying details that a job description can have is the possible career path the position entails. Very few things make an employee happier than that of moving up a rank. Giving an employee the possibility of advancingwill give them more reason to work harder on their assignments. An employee’s personal growth in his/her position is healthy for the business and the employee!

Career path

Another important thing to keep in mind is that it’s also a good idea to think of some interesting things to do throughout the year to keep employees happy, and excited. If you struggle in thinking of what things to do, the Internet is a great resource. There are many sites aimed at professionals, such as the jobrapido blog that provides fun ideas as well as useful advice for both employees and employers throughout the year. Having a happy workplace will add harmony to both you and your employees’ work life, making the business outcomes that much better. It is important to track the happiness in the office, it will go a long way!

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