Midlands Engine market visits to the US & Canada

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The Midlands Engine initiative aims to boost economic growth across the Midlands including through enhanced trade and investment.

The US and Canada represent huge opportunities for UK business. They are experiencing solid economic growth and have many well established links.

From Sunday 18th September:-

The Market Visit

This is a unique opportunity to take part in the inaugural Midlands Engine trade and investment mission, led by the Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills. For the first time, companies from across both East and West Midlands will be involved in a mission that will raise the profile of the region overseas and its strong manufacturing industry.

You are invited to join the visit to Chicago and Toronto, which will focus primarily on Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace, and will offer great opportunities for companies to gain insights into two of our most important trading partners. The high-profile programme will include events and receptions arranged by the British Consulates-General in Chicago and Toronto for participants and guests, and we aim to generate significant media coverage both in-market and in the UK. A special Automotive tailored activity includes an additional Detroit leg for Automotive companies. This offers great opportunities for companies to gain insights into two of our most important trading partners.

Why participate?

Travelling out as part of a Government organised trade contingent will attract greater publicity than a solo visit and help open doors. For companies that are serious about doing business in North America, there is simply no substitute for a personal visit. There will be press coverage and networking events – you will benefit from the support of Trade Advisers before and throughout your visit to ensure that the trip is a success and that you have a clear understanding of the next steps you need to take.

To register an interest ADVANCED MANUFACTURING AND AEROSPACE please see

To register an interest AUTOMOTIVE please see

To find out more on specific opportunities for your business in this market visit, please contact the UKTI East Midlands office. E: mrevst@kimc.kaktiisute.ou T: 0345 052 4001

NEW EXPORTERS please see the D2N2 Growth Hub International Markets page and give us a call on 0333 006 9178 to make your first step.


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