How to Safely Return to the Office Following Covid-19

Have you already returned to the office but you're not quite sure of what safety measures and precautions to put in place?

Perhaps you've implemented some rules but you're struggling with others?

We have created a guide and video below, as to how we at The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce have prepared and safely returned to our new normal of phased office working.

  1. Members of the team are back in the office on a rota system, with members of staff working 1/ 2 days in the office, and their remaining days at home.

    This allows our employees to feel safe in the office with reduced staffing, knowing they won't be situated too closely to anyone else working that day. By doing this, we can enable working from home to continue, whilst gently phasing in returning to the office.

    We have done this by:
    - Limiting how many people sit at a bank of desks.
    - Enable a rota system of working.
    East Midlands Chamber of Commerce Temperature Gauge- Continue home working.

  2. Upon entering any of our offices, we previously had finger print recognition. We changed this software to a card based entry system, helping to prevent the spread of cross contamination in high traffic hotspots.

  3. Once inside reception, employees are asked to use our temperature gauge technology. This scans the wrist and then prompts hand to be sanitised.

    - External visitors are still not permitted on site.

  4. Hand sanitisers have been placed around our offices, notably in reception areas, kitchens, near printers and dotted around various seating areas.

  5. Coronavirus advice signage have been put on the walls in our high footfall areas.

    Covid-19 Office Posters

  6. Covid-19 Surface WipesBoth at the beginning and end of your office shift, we are asking staff to clean and sanitise with Surface Disinfectant Wipes the desk and equipment used.

    - We are hoping that the rota system will prevent hot desking and any shared use of office equipment, such as mice and keyboards.

    - By sanitising each day, this will implement a best practice system, and limit any possibility of germs spreading.


  7. Covid-19 Lift SignWhen using the lift, we recommend a maximum of 1 person at a time, this can apply to any confined area in your office building.

  8. Floor markers have been put in place to designate safe distances whilst waiting or queueing to use shared rooms or facilities.

  9. Maximum occupancy signs have been placed on meeting room doors to limit how many people are able to safely utilise and share a space.

  10. We are advising that if people want hot drinks, to provide their own. This is to avoid cross contamination.

    - Bring your own mug/ teaspoon. When not in use, store at your desk.

    - Provide your own tea/ coffee/ sugar/ milk. Label appropriately if storing in shared areas.

  11. Some of our offices have enclosed kitchenette areas, we are advising that one person use these areas at a time and close the door behind them to signal that it is in use.

    - In open plan kitchen areas, we are advising a 'wait at desk policy' until you can see the area is free to use again.

    - Whilst using any kitchen facilities, we are advising extra cleanliness and hygiene.

  12. If using stairwells, first check to see if anyone is currently using them and is headed in your direction. If someone is currently using the stairs, wait until they have passed you (ideally in an open area) and make sure to give them enough room to pass you safely.

  13. Vacant and Engaged signs have been placed on some washroom facilities, or in some offices we have implemented a band system.

    - Each member of staff gets their own band, these can be collected at Reception.

    - When using the washroom facilities, we are advising employees to hang their bands on hooks on the front of the doors.

    - This will alert fellow employees that someone is inside, and to wait until that person has finished and took their band back.

    Covid-19 Return to Office Toilet System


Watch our handy video below, for tips on how you can return to the office safely following the Covid-19 pandemic.


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