What does the future of marketing look like?

The short answer to this question is ‘no one actually knows’. That’s because the marketing landscape is so vast and changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up with the now, let alone the tomorrow.


Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Although not a legal requirement, smaller companies can also measure and submit their gender pay gap data. By drawing attention to a disproportion in earnings, employers can explore the reasons behind the wage gap and take action to tackle it head-on.


Let's Link Up

Following a fantastic training session ran in partnership by D2N2 Growth Hub and Nottingham-based digital marketing agency, Hallam, on the power of the backlink and the many other tools of Digital Marketing, I was left bursting with fresh ideas and a fier


Top Tips to Think Like a Business Leader

Being a successful business leader isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes years of hard work to climb the ladder of success. So just what do you need to realise your aspirations?


Reducing the SME bureaucracy burden

Excessive administrative burden is one of the leading causes of lost productivity for British businesses today.


The importance of languages as part of your Export Strategy

Everyone recognises the problems which can occur in business when you can’t understand the language of your customers – missed enquiries, lost orders, hesitating to pick up the phone to discuss issues, inability to chase payments effectively etc.


Considering Starting a Business? Why Not Buy One Instead!

Sometimes, starting your own business from scratch is not the best approach for budding entrepreneurs. In fact, with a significant proportion of SMEs doomed to failure within the first 5 years, it can seem like something of a losing bet to many. However,


D2N2 Growth Hub – A Truly Valued Stakeholder

Here, Barry Aldridge MCIM - Head of Marketing for Derby-based pneumatics and hydraulics manufacturer Tidyco, discusses the benefits of capitalising upon the resources available from the D2N2 Growth Hub.


Top 5 Ways to Keep your Employees Happy

Businesses can do many things to make money, grow and improve but even those at the top of their industries know that without a happy workforce a business isn’t going to reach its full potential. A happy and harmonious workplace is where productivity, cre


Keeping Your Business Cyber-Safe

Cyber crime is a growing threat in the UK with 48% of SME’s business being attacked last year. Here's a few tips on keeping your business Cyber SAFE.


Are you struggling to recruit the best talent? How to overcome your challenges!

Recruitment can be challenging for many businesses and if you find it difficult to get the right staff into your business, you are definitely not alone.


Five Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business

Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up your business. Now, you’re looking to grow.


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