What is the Business Model Canvas?

How can the Business Model Canvas help business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs plan for success?


I Want to Break-Free: Thinking Creatively to Survive and Thrive

Rethinking and reconfiguring the way we work can be tricky when established patterns are in place and familiarity is comfortable.


Maximising Your Performance to Win: 10 Simple Tips

Maximising Your Performance to Win: How to develop a winning performance to propel your business to success.


5 Top Tips on Rebuilding Employee Trust and Morale

Ahead of our webinar with Loates HR Training Consultant, Annie Litchfield, we have 5 top tips on how to rebuild employee trust and morale following a time of crisis.


3 Steps to a Healthy and Productive Home Workspace

Working at home brings its own challenges, read our blog to adapt with key steps homeworkers can take to create a healthy and productive workspace.


What Can Employers do to Support Workers Through Redundancy?

Supporting your staff through uncertain times begins before you make any decisions about their future employment.


How to Avoid Redundancies

As an employer you have implemented creative ways to identify, attract, and retain your key talent. You have invested time and energy in nurturing and developing your talent to align with your future business needs.


How to Safely Return to the Office Following Covid-19

How to implement safety precautions when returning to the office following the Covid-19 pandemic.


Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Why You Need to Take it Seriously

The Complete Cyber Security Guide for Trading Beginners is an in-depth guide aiming to provide any online-trading beginners with the necessary information on how cybercriminals might try to target them.


D2N2 Growth Hub – The One Stop Shop for All Your Webinar Needs

In a world where we’re spoilt for choice for webinars, we explain why the D2N2 Growth Hub should be your one stop shop


How Can the Growth Hub Help you Keep Your Workforce in Secure Employment

At this difficult time of economic uncertainty, the Growth Hub is here to help you keep your workforce in secure employment.


Invest to Grow Funding: Fostering University and Business Collaboration

As businesses start the process of recovery and opening after the Covid-19 disruptions, Mark Wheddon, Head of Delivery for Invest to Grow at the University of Derby, reflects on what support the programme has been able to offer them during this period.


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