International Markets


Exporting, what’s in it for me?

Every company’s experience of exporting is different. But the good news is that – whatever your size – the rewards from selling your products and services overseas can be huge.

The benefits of selling internationally can include:

  1. More customers: tapping into a global demand
  2. Increased profitability: trading overseas can often drive higher profit margins
  3. Faster growth: selling overseas could help your business grow at a faster rate
  4. Innovation: working in more than one country can help drive new ideas
  5. More resilient: spreading risk can help manage changes in demand or market conditions  

Companies developing trade overseas can access a wide range of support including market research, statistics, new business contacts, training, overseas trade missions, finance, export documentation supply and certification and Customs requirements such as VAT and tariff codes.

It can help you decide if you should export to a new market, and advise you on how best to deliver products and services.

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