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Are you a high growth business looking to invest in new technologies to propel your business? Is your business facing barriers to growth due to a lack of understanding of new technologies?
If so then the Digital UpScaler project is perfect for you.

Delivered by the East Midlands Chamber, this exclusive project is designed to provide your business with the knowledge, investment and capacity to scale-up by embracing new technologies. The project is available to a limited number of ambitious scaling businesses and provides a programme of specialist digital support through business advisers, events, consultancy, grants and a technology forum.

Is my business eligible?

The project is available exclusively to SMEs based in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire that have experienced barriers to growth because of a lack of understanding of digital technologies, as well as those who already embrace digital and want to do more.

To be eligible to access support your business must demonstrate one or more of the following criteria:

  • Scale-up businesses - Businesses will be delivering 20% annual growth (Headcount or Sales) and forecasting continued growth, markets served will be fast-growing. Opportunities to exploit/develop IP and innovation through technology should be identified.
  • Potential scale-up businesses - Businesses will be delivering 20% annual growth (Headcount or Sales) serving established markets. They will need to demonstrate their ability to invest in a digital/ technology growth plan and have the team infrastructure to support their plans.
  • Ambitious businesses - Businesses must have been trading for 12 months or more. Should be employing 5 staff (including directors) or have a growth plan to do so within 12 months. We expect businesses will be reporting sales of £100,000 or more and be forecasting 20% annual growth in their next financial year (Headcount or Sales).

What are the benefits of Digital UpScaler?

  • Intensive one-to-one digital adviser support
  • Funded diagnostic consultancy and support to implement new technology
  • Digital strategy programme and Technology Forums
  • Capital technology grants of between £10,000 - £50,000

Characteristics of Digital Scale-up businesses

A digital advantage
Are you using digital technologies or are open to exploring how they can benefit your business?

A strong vision
Are your people involved in and can they understand how they contribute towards the success and future of the business? Can they see personal development potential?

A solid team
Does your management team share a desire for growth? Do they embrace challenges and empower teams to provide solutions and innovation? Are they aware of their team's capabilities and seek external support where needed?

A documented approach to process
Can your business demonstrate consistent delivery of product and project? 

Investment in growth
Does your business have the reserves and appetite to invest in growth? Do you invest in both technology and people?

Barriers to growth facilitated by not adopting digital technologies:

  • Not being sure where to obtain independent advice.
  • Lack of expertise and skills to select the appropriate digital solution to implement into the business.
  • Being unable to invest financially in the strategic planning required for successful digital solutions.
  • Digital technologies developing at a fast pace combined with a lack of resources to keep up to date

Through a diagnostic review, our Digital UpScaler advisers can identify and tackle these barriers helping you take the necessary steps to grow your business.

What time and resource do I need to commit?

There is no cost involved to your business, however, we do ask for the following time commitments:

  • 1-2 hours for the diagnostic review (required)
  • Optional on-going support meetings with your Digital UpScaler adviser
  • Up to two days per month to attend strategic leaders workshops
  • Time to participate in the technology forum
  • Time to dedicate to consultancy support

Application process and next steps

  • Apply : complete the questionnaire below or contact us.
  • Check: we assess your eligibility
  • Review : we undertake a diagnostic review of your business
  • Plan: we produce an action plan which outlines actions and support suitable to facilitate growth within your business

Contact us

To find out if your business can take advantage of the Digital UpScaler Project please complete and return their questionnaire or contact the Digital UpScaler team for a no-obligation discovery call:

T: 0330 053 8639



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