Managing Operations


Operations are the systems, equipment, people, and processes within your business.

Operations are everything that happens within your business to keep it running and earning money. With business growth you will experience rapidly increasing and unpredictable demand, increases in competition, decreases in market price and expanding supply chains. Having a clear picture of operations is critical to your success.

Investing time in developing standard processes will improve scalability and reduce defects. Managing operations is about the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within your business. It’s about converting the raw ingredients of your offer, into products and services as efficiently as possible, to maximise the profitability and security of your business.

People & Process

Process is what will allow your business to scale....
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Finding the Right Premises

Need bigger premises and to upscale your business?...
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Marketing Your Business

Getting your sales and marketing strategy right is a crucial part of your business plan....
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Case Studies

Ascot Fencing Ltd  

Ascot Fencing Ltd

Upskilling for business success

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The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund  

The Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

The NeIRF Fund is a competitive grants scheme providing grants of between £10,000 and £100,000 to support the development of environmental projects

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Technology Developer Accelerator Programme  

Technology Developer Accelerator Programme

Up to £135,000 of grant support is available to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises who are working to develop on or...

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