Risk Management: Ensuring Your Business Survives the Unexpected

Host: ScaleUp 360

Location: Online - Webinar

Date: Wednesday, 24th June 2020 at 10.30am - 1.00pm

Cost: FREE

Due to the current situation, this event will be streamed live to registered attendees. Contact your Business Adviser to book your space on this ScaleUp 360 workshop.

Risk Management

What will we cover?

Covid-19 has brought risk management to the fore. How many of us had prepared for this?

We begin by distinguishing risks and issues, before considering various examples of risk and identifying four approaches to risk management.

A key tool is a risk matrix, which plots impact against likelihood. The group discusses how the basic model might be improved. Do variables such as manageability provide insight or just overcomplicate? Could models such as ‘Suns and Clouds’ from Evans help? 

The group then considers the merits of creating a risk (and issue) register and how best to do so. Yet identifying risks is clearly only the first step in a risk management strategy, so we discuss what that involves and how to adapt tried and tested processes to your business.

We then suggest that a potent source of risk comes from within – strategy – and encourage delegates to carry out strategic due diligence on their own companies.

What will I learn?

  • The difference between risks and issues

  • Four approaches to risk management, as well as their pros and cons

  • How to draw up a risk matrix and various ways to improve it

  • Why you need a risk register and what it should contain

  • The elements of a successful risk management strategy

  • How strategic due diligence can protect your company

  • What we mean by Black Swans and the relevance to your business.

Who should attend?

Any entrepreneur, director, or manager who recognises the importance of managing risk in their business.

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