Marketing: identifying the wants and needs of your customers

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Tuesday, 28th September 2021 at 9:00am - 12:00pm Book Now
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What will we cover?

The course starts with a quick discussion of what we mean by marketing – and, as well as learning that it is not the same thing as promotion, distinguish it from related activities such as sales and branding.
The rest of the courwe is devoted to explaining how we draft a marketing plan. To do this, we follow the CREATE/VALUE framework for Marketing, which sets out the:
(C)ontext in which your organisation is operating
(R)esults you are seeking to achieve
(E)xecution that this demands, in terms of strategy and tactics
(A)ssignments both internal and external this requires
(T)ests to put in place as you work on the campaign
(E)valuation at the end to learn lessons for the future.
As communication is key to marketing, the framework also identifies the 
(V)ision that your organisation has
(A)udience you are trying to reach
(L)anguage that you should use
(U)nderstanding that you seek in your audience
(E)motion that you want them to feel.
What will I learn?
what marketing is (and is not)
the difference between marketing, promotion, branding, and sales
how to draft a marketing campaign
the best way to communicate with people.

Who should attend?

Any entrepreneur, director, or manager who needs to improve their marketing.

Further Details
This workshop is pre-recorded and streamed as live at the advertised time. The link will be sent once you have booked a place.  You can book using your ScaleUp 360 website login details, but if you have any problems please contact 

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