Infectious Diseases Special Interest Group (SIG): Care Homes and Covid-19

Host: Medilink

Location: Online - Webinar

Date: Thursday, 18th March 2021 at 10:00am

Cost: FREE

Infection control strategies and innovations.

Join the next online Infectious Diseases Special Interest Group, this SIG will focus on Care Homes and COVID-19: Infection control strategies and innovations.

This event is in partnership with De Montfort University and led by Dr Katie Laird, Reader in Microbiology and also Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group at De Montfort University. Presentations will be given on:

– Ventilation requirements in care homes – strategies during and after COVID-19
– Infection control and zoning in care homes
– Ozone as an alternative to thermal disinfection of healthcare linen


DURATION: 1.5 hours

This free to attend event is held as part of the SoLSTICE programme – a project part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, click here to be re-directed to further information about the project. This event is classed as State Aid to participating businesses, the value of which is £190, but is delivered completely free of charge to participants.

Speaker Profiles: 

Dr Katie Laird, Head of the Infectious Disease Research Group at Leicester School of Pharmacy, De Montfort University 
Katie has a BSc (Hons) in Biology and obtained a PhD in applied microbiology in 2008. During her PhD she developed and patented an essential oil based antimicrobial vapour, whilst her postdoctoral work included the assessment of natural antimicrobials efficacy against post-harvest pathogens.
Her research interests include the use of natural products as antimicrobials in particular to combat hospital acquired infections and biofilms.  Her other area of research includes the assessment of healthcare laundry as a potential route of cross contamination in the clinical arena.

Eric Fewster, Water & Environmental Manager, BushProof
Eric Fewster has 24 years of hands-on operational experience as a water supply and sanitation specialist in the design, implementation and evaluation of water & sanitation projects in both emergencies and development situations, with the ability to understand the local context and constraints inherent in low-income countries. In 2005 he co-founded BushProof, an award-winning for-profit business based in Madagascar which is involved in water supply provision. In terms of experience with infectious diseases, in 2011 he set up cholera treatment centres in Haiti and in 2014 was the water/sanitation lead for an Ebola management centre in Sierra Leone. Around the time lockdown began in the spring 2020, when cases in care homes was increasingly evident from other countries like Spain and Belgium, he decided to help produce some pragmatic guidance for care homes on preventing and controlling infection of SARS-CoV-2 in the care home context. Since it first went online in mid-April, it has since informed the advice given by the British Geriatric Society and Care Quality Commission, and it has been continually updated and expanded, using the experience of a wide range of co-contributors with different experiences.

Shrien Dewani & Eve Cader, Evolve Care Group – profiles to follow

Jackie Hook, Head Chemist, JLA Ltd
Jackie is a Charted Chemist, Member of the Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) and Infection Prevention Society (IPS). She is also a member of the IPS Care Home Specialist Interest Group. Previous to her engaging in the laundry and ozone industry Jackie spent 25 years in Research & Development for the UK Railway Industry in a range of scientific disciplines. She was an active member of a professional forum introducing new technologies into the railway environment. She joined JLA Ltd. in 2004 and is active in laboratory and site testing, and compilation of training and health/safety procedural documentation, coordinating and liaising with leading professional bodies and institutes. Her responsibilities include Investigating and assisting in new developments relating to laundry and ozone technologies. Working closely with microbiologists and healthcare professionals Jackie has contributed to the introduction of ozone laundry systems into the UK. Project managing including wash program development and microbiological investigation at a number of field trials including the QE2 hospital in Welwyn Garden City and Woodend Hospital Laundry, Aberdeen to demonstrate and document the benefits of ozone. Work involving in vitro and clinical studies has led to ozone laundry disinfection finally receiving recognition by the UK’s Department of Health under the guise of the Rapid Review Panel in September 2009. Jackie is also active in promoting training and education within the laundry industry and is passionate in increasing the awareness and importance of adequate disinfection of healthcare linen.

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