Digital Promotion Part 1

Host: ScaleUp 360

Location: Online

Cost: FREE


Monday, 17th May 2021 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm

What will we cover?

With Covid-19, digital promotion became the only option for the majority of firms, and many took the opportunity to enhance this aspect of their marketing.  What changes might this bring as we start to emerge from the pandemic in the medium and longer term?

Part one

The workshop looks at many kinds of digital promotion, so it starts by mapping out the terrain using the popular PESO framework.

It then emphasises the importance of setting SMART, SMARTER, or SMARTEST objectives so you can evaluate the success of any campaign and determine the return on your investment – because digital promotion inevitably costs time, even if no money changes hands. For this reason, we consider analytics across each different channel.

We start by looking at online advertising, the options available, and the different ways to pay for it. We discover one golden rule nonetheless – CPA > LTV – and explore why. The discussion also looks at sophisticated targeting methods to maximise the return on your investment – and whether these come up against data protection rules,

We then move on to search engine optimisation and identify the three key elements – content, technology, and exposure – before taking a ‘deep dive’ into each. We end by looking at the appropriate division of labour: what to do yourself and what to outsource?

It is then time for email marketing, with a look at how to build your list and watch for various warning signs. The group considers how to write appealing copy before ending with a look at some of the advanced tools now available.


What will I learn?

• how to identify the different kinds of digital promotion
• the best way for your firm to advertise online and how to target your audiences
• the three elements of SEO and where you need help
• building up and retaining a mailing list with appealing newsletters
• the pros and cons of social media and the various networks
• why it pays to manage your links and domains – and how to do so
• whether to invest in third party tools to assist your digital promotion.

Who should attend?

Any entrepreneur, director, or manager who is keen to promote their business online.

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