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15 Feb

Global Business Innovation visit to the Netherlands focus on artificial intelligence and robotics

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP), delivered by Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), is organising a visit to the Netherlands for innovative businesses that are active in the artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics sectors.

14 Feb

Mansfield i-Centre - The place to grow your business

Mansfield i-Centre currently have a range of offices avaialbe.

14 Feb

Leading accountancy firm pledges further three years as headline Business Awards sponsor

Leading accountancy firm Mazars has committed to a further three years as headline sponsor of the East Midlands Chamber annual business awards.

The Game Changers Live - 2019

Host: Marketing Jump Leads
Venue: City Hall, Nottingham
Date: Thursday 4th April, 2019
Time: 9am - 4pm
Cost: £97 + VAT

Real Business Owners Sharing What Really Works

Back for its third year The Game Changers Live is a unique one day conference about the craft of finding new customers and scaling business, from people that are actually doing for themselves every day

It isn't about the so called experts, gurus or improbable tales of how people made millions in 24 hours (and how you could too) it’s about real business owners who have built strong, profitable, businesses sharing with you how they have done it.

Let’s talk about YOUR business.

We know you’re proud of what you offer. We get just how many hours you put in. We understand about the tears and fears, the sheer hard graft to keep all the plates spinning. 

We also know that there is a hell of a lot of "noise" out there with every marketing man and his dog telling you what you should be doing.

But what if you heard what was REALLY making a difference in REAL businesses?

No "Gurus" with big teeth, no improbably rags to riches stories, no overwhelming, big budget ideas - just real world actions from real word business that have made a difference.We have put together exciting line-up of ‘real’ business owners, who have made their mark in their particular industry. They would be the first to admit it's not been plain sailing and they're not the finished article but, unlike most, they have made the entrepreneurial journey fun, successful and traded the long hours for exceptional results. 

These are real business owners really doing it for themselves.

Whilst it is always inspiring to hear what the Branson's of this world are doing the reality is for most business owners they just aren't in that world of multi-million pound budgets and huge teams to get it all done. That is why it is so important to hear it first hand from someone who is actually at the coal face.

Side step their years of ‘learning the hard way’ and leave the conference with real strategies to find, keep and excite new customers. 

You will leave with:

  •  The latest marketing ideas ready to copy and deploy.
  •  Day-to-day habits and systems that will transform your ability to attract customers.  
  •  Ways of thinking and working that will value and maximise your time.
  • A clear Idea of WHAT IS WORKING NOW and how you can do it too.


New customers are, after all critical to your business success. You may create award-winning food, offer exceptional financial help or lead the field in your niche, but unless you know how to attract a steady stream of new customers you’ll struggle at best.  These guys are doing it for themselves and they'll share how they are doing it with you.

Running a business doesn’t have to be a constant struggle or a weight around your neck.  And some business owners working in your town or niche right now are killing it. 

As business owners ourselves we are always looking to learn what is working and more often than not that means we look past the "big guys".   We seek out what real business owners - people with the same resources as us - are doing, how they are doing it and why.

That was the driver behind our best selling book, The Game Changers and the foundation of this live event. 

The un-told stories. 

We wanted to speak to real business owners, hard-working business owners and find out what they were doing to make the difference. And crucially we wanted to share their success strategies – a normally un-told story – with other entrepreneurs to help them do the same. 

With the huge range of marketing options available it can feel really frustrating trying to pick the right tools and direction.

That is why it is so important to hear first hand from those that are doing it well.

Loads of people bought our book (thank you) and it became a best seller, which was genuinely quite humbling. But more importantly it hit a nerve. People really wanted to see what other business owners like them were doing to grow their business. 

Not business owners with million pound budgets.

Not entrepreneurs with huge teams to handle each separate part of their business for them.

Not gurus claiming they made £147,264 in just 3 weeks… 

Just real “normal” business owners sharing what they are doing to make more money and not fire-fighting every waking hour.  

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