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15 Aug

Chamber appoints a new Chair to the Board of Directors

Trentbarton buses boss Ian Morgan OBE has been appointed Chair of the Board of Directors at East Midlands Chamber*

14 Aug

Impact of lost businesses felt in latest employment figures

The impact of a number of high-profile business closures earlier in the year has begun to filter through to the unemployment figures for the East Midlands.

14 Aug

Rural Community Awards Now Open

The Plunkett Foundation is welcoming applications for this year’s annual awards celebrating achievements of rural community businesses in tackling rural issues.

How to win business with large organisations - Derby

Host: East Midlands Chamber
Venue: Derby Office
Date: Thursday 11th October, 2018
Time: 9.30am - 16.30pm
Cost: Member £245 + VAT - Non Member £350 + VAT

How to win business with large organisations

What would happen to your business if you found out how to win the size of contracts that would make a significant difference to your business growth?

We may dream of winning these big contracts and wonder how other companies seem to win them. Is it more about whom you know rather than what you know? Is it more about being in the right place at the right time? Is it just about luck?

Well two out of three is about right, there is a skill and an art to knowing the right people and being in the right place at the right time, to position yourself to both bid for, and win those large contracts that many people only dream of.

This course is about identifying the key players in all such sales opportunities by keeping pace with more sophisticated buying patterns, and having a successful sales strategy for the client that you're dealing with, even in the most complex sales negotiations.


Delegates will be able to:

• Understand the roles played by multiple decision makers in the buying process
• Keep close to all the buying influencers, and identify what will sway the big decision makers
• Manage each stage of the sale to pull it closer to you, and pull it further from your competition
• Communicate at a higher level through effective use and understanding of verbal & non- verbal communication
• Identify competitor tactics and consistently out-manoeuvre their competition
• Understand how to prepare a compelling proposal to set you ahead of the competition
• Identify those prospects that offer the greatest potential so that you can manage your sales time and resources effectively

Who should attend

Business people and sales people who can demonstrate sales experience and have a willingness and determination to achieve consistently outstanding performance

Course topics

• Understanding large organisations and their tactics
• Selling to multiple decision makers
• Psychology of organisational buyers - how to win them over
• Non -verbal communication
• Strategies and tactics for peak performance
• Compelling proposal writing

The course is so jam packed with useful ideas to secure more business, and stay ahead of the competition.

If you've ever lost a large order and wondered how on earth the other sales person got the business - it's likely that there using this system! Avoid it happening again

Course delivery

This course is delivered from the Chambers modern training facilities and is limited to a maximum of 12 delegates. Lunch and refreshments are provided as part of this course. Please note, there is no requirement for delegates to bring any stationery or IT equipment unless otherwise stated in the joining instructions.

About the Trainer

The course leader for this event is Charles Barnascone. Charles is a highly experienced trainer, sales coach and business development consultant who has worked with a large number of diverse companies delivering training solutions in an innovative way and providing business development support.
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