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20 Sep

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Lost keys opened up a world of opportunity to a computer hacker.

20 Sep

Leading light in business blogs about Brexit

A leading figure in East Midlands business has written two blogs about Brexit, examining the resilience of regional business to the UK leaving the EU and providing advice to businesses on a seamless transition into a Post-Brexit economy

20 Sep

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How to secure Public Sector Contracts

Host: East Midlands Chamber
Venue: Rushcliffe Arena, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Date: Wednesday 10th October, 2018
Time: 8.30am - 10.30am
Cost: Free


This free event focuses on public procurement processes, and seeks to boost the confidence of smaller organisations to tender for locally-available work across South Nottinghamshire (with a limited amount of spaces available, kindly note that this is aimed at local firms only).

It aims to clarify the processes involved, showcase where the opportunities are to be found - including the support available - as well as to share some examples of best-practice.

In conjunction with Nottinghamshire Count Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council, the NHS and the National Housing Federation,  the Chamber has organised this seminar - aimed primarily at small firms and social enterprises - operating in and around the area. 

Public sector organisations have proactively taken steps to simplify the process involved, so that local firms no longer feel inhibited from pitching for available contracts, many of which are broken down into smaller components that represent lucrative and accessible opportunities for SMEs and social enterprises.

In a bid to keep their expenditure local, the public sector is also eager to clarify some common misconceptions about what the process entails, as well as to welcome more tenders to help raise quality standards and promote best-value.

This seminar offers an informal opportunity to raise any questions (or concerns) about existing processes, and provides suppliers with an opportunity to ask questions for public buyers to address.

There will also be information about Source Nottinghamshire and the support the Chamber is able to provide.


  • Welcome, context and purpose of today's seminar
  • Overview: tendering with the local authority – Nottinghamshire County Council
  • Tendering with the NHS
  • Tendering with Housing Associations
  • Emerging Issues (Q&A session with the Panellists)
  • Support available from the Chamber
  • Best-practice tips and hints (Promitheia Consulting)
  • Networking / Meet the Buyer

Benefits of Attending 

  • Explanation of public procurement processes and platforms
  • Clarification of any aspects perceived as barriers to pitching for public contracts
  • Identify where the opportunities are to be found
  • Understand the “do’s and don’ts” of the tendering process
  • Feel more confident about pitching for locally-available work

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If you have any queries about this event, please contact

Please note: Booking preference will be given to organisations based within Nottinghamshire - a maximum of TWO bookings per organisation. 











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