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10 Jan

Growth Hub Event Consultancy: Invitation to Tender

The Chamber is seeking to recruit experienced consultants to lead the development and delivery of a suite of engaging and professionally-designed Growth Hub-branded seminars and/or action-planning workshops covering a range of topics.

06 Jan

Big House: Invitation to Tender

The Big House are looking for applications from specialist website developers to provide support and updates to The Big House website, for the duration of the project, running until September 2022.

24 Dec

East Midlands Chamber: Invitation to Tender

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce have put out an invitation to tender for Graphic Design, Copywriting and Print Services. This will support the marketing activities for the ERDF-funded Digital Growth Programme and Digital UpScaler projects.

Why do you need a website for your business?

When you’re starting a new business there are so many things to think about including business planning, setting up for example the legal structure and marketing. Advice on all these areas can be found on the D2N2 Growth Hub website. In terms of marketing it is useful to start by creating a marketing strategy which gives a long-term view and then a marketing plan which outlines clear actions. One of the main marketing tools every business owner needs is a website.

If you are reading this blog then you are among the 87% of adults in the UK that use the internet. It’s more accessible than ever with the introduction of smart phones and tablets which offer a cheaper and more convenient method of accessing it than traditional PCs and laptops. Many people would now rather look online to research a company than pick up the phone or walk down the high street, so if you don’t have a website, the truth is, you’re missing out.

A website is your virtual shop window, except the shop is open 24/7 and can be seen from anywhere in the world. This is great for the potential customers as they can access information on your company whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. They should be able to find all the basics about you such as contact details, opening times and location along with an online shop or information on the products and services you offer. If you find you always get asked the same questions, you can also include an FAQ. This is not only super convenient for anyone visiting, it also saves you time.

It’s not all about providing basic information - a website offers your business credibility and can have a huge influence on first impressions. A website is a fantastic way of getting across clearly the benefits of your service or product as well as outlining why you are different from your competitors. You can add customer testimonials, awards or maybe a video of your product being demonstrated. Once up and running, a carefully thought out, professionally designed website will not only give that positive first impression but also build confidence in your brand.

One of the best things about the internet is being able to communicate with a large group of people almost instantly, and a website can take advantage of this. If there is a message you want to get out to customers - maybe you are offering a new product, are organising an event or just have a new member of staff - you can update your website to show this and they will be able to see instantly. This is much more cost effective and time efficient than traditional methods such as print media and will reach a lot more people.

Three things to make sure you consider when you have decided to commission a new website:

  • Make sure the design of the website is professional and reflects your branding.
  • You need to be able to access the back end of the website to update content.
  • The website should be mobile device friendly or it will not rank well on Google.

So if you are considering starting a new business or are in the early stages of business set up it is worth investing in a website. There is plenty of help you can access as a new business on our Develop Business Online page here or at the national Do More Online campaignor get in touch with one of the D2N2 Growth Hub Advisors on 0333 006 9178.