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10 Jan

Growth Hub Event Consultancy: Invitation to Tender

The Chamber is seeking to recruit experienced consultants to lead the development and delivery of a suite of engaging and professionally-designed Growth Hub-branded seminars and/or action-planning workshops covering a range of topics.

06 Jan

Big House: Invitation to Tender

The Big House are looking for applications from specialist website developers to provide support and updates to The Big House website, for the duration of the project, running until September 2022.

24 Dec

East Midlands Chamber: Invitation to Tender

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce have put out an invitation to tender for Graphic Design, Copywriting and Print Services. This will support the marketing activities for the ERDF-funded Digital Growth Programme and Digital UpScaler projects.

Have you considered Higher Apprenticeships for your business?

As an employer you understand the importance of having a highly trained workforce that can help your business to become more competitive in the local and global market place. Many businesses are now looking at recruiting young people that can train whilst working by choosing the higher apprenticeship route instead of taking on graduates.

What are the benefits of higher apprenticeships?

  • They are available at a range of levels, from the equivalent of a foundation degree to a bachelor’s degree and soon at master’s degree level in some sectors.
  • With higher apprentices learning at work, they’re able to develop the knowledge and occupational competencies demanded by specific job roles, and meet the unique needs of your business.
  • They enable businesses to attract and retain employees with potential, expanding workplace diversity and benefiting the local community and wider economy
  • They can keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology, increasing your productivity for the future.
  • Higher-level skills are vital to business performance and economic growth. Higher-level apprenticeships can fill your higher-level skills gaps efficiently and effectively by tailoring the learning to your workplace.

In the D2N2 area businesses have already embraced the benefits of Higher and Advanced level apprenticeships and have been able to demonstrate the impact that this has had on their businesses.

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In order to celebrate the achievement of the young people that have chosen this route to develop their careers and number of local providers have organised the County’s first ever graduation ceremony, The Derbyshire Graduation Ceremony will take place on May 28th at the Derby College Roundhouse Campus.

The partners that have worked together to organise the event are Derby College, Chesterfield college, The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce, Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, The Derbyshire Network, 3aaa, EMFEC, University of Derby and D2N2 LEP.

The event has been designed to allow apprentices, employers, providers and partners to meet earlier in the day to showcase the way in which the apprenticeships have been progressing for local businesses. In the evening the families and employers of 1400 apprentices will be able to celebrate the achievements with a graduation ceremony. This will be an excellent way of marking this important change in the way young people develop their careers and are supporting the local economy.

If you are a local businesses and you would like to find out more about how Higher and Advanced Apprenticeships would benefit your business then please do book on and attend the event book your tickets on eventbrite or contact to find out more.