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12 Dec

Businesses urged to claim £2500 voucher for broadband boost

Businesses around the UK are being urged to make use of a £2500 voucher for gigabit broadband speeds before the scheme closes due to high demand.

12 Dec

Deadline looms for Enterprising Women nominations

The annual quest to find the region’s most successful and inspirational businesswomen will end soon after Christmas.

12 Dec

New Chief Executive Officer appointed by D2N2 LEP

A new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed by the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Earlier this year, legislation was introduced to tackle the UK’s gender pay gap. Organisations with over 250 employees must gather data on their pay structure and declare any imbalance in earnings. The difference in the gender pay gap reflects how many males hold higher-paid positions in comparison to female colleagues. While the UK ranks above average globally, only 1 in 10 women work for an organisation that pays them more than men.


Sage Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Although not a legal requirement, smaller companies can also measure and submit their gender pay gap data. By drawing attention to a disproportion in earnings, employers can explore the reasons behind the wage gap and take action to tackle it head-on. Adopting open communication around pay and a level of transparency, allows smaller businesses to show they’re progressive and taking steps to fight inequality.

Once a gap is identified, many steps can be taken to champion gender diversity. By encouraging women into non-traditional roles, leadership programmes and supporting those returning from maternity leave, employers can reduce their staff turnover. This, in turn, will increase morale and the organisation will benefit from having a more diverse team. In the guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting Sage provides employers with the information required to calculate their gender pay gap and explains how to improve the working environment for all.


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