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14 Sep

Integrated Transport Planning is the Chamber’s Nottinghamshire Business of the Year

Integrated Transport Planning is the Chamber’s Nottinghamshire Business of the Year

09 Sep

Bloc Digital is the Chamber’s Derbyshire Business of the Year

A specialist in the creation and re-use of digital information has won the East Midlands Chamber Derbyshire Business of the Year Award 2019.

03 Sep

Women in Leadership course – September 2019

Nottingham Business School are running two 3-day courses in September that focus on women in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to progress into senior or leadership roles.

Funding for Manufacturing Businesses: What are your options?

Financial planning should be a priority focus in any business, because without it you will very quickly be the captain of a sinking ship. For firms in the manufacturing industry this rings even more true; failing to bridge the gap between receiving a new order and getting cash in the bank will inevitably lead to failure if not sufficiently funded.

Research carried out by accounting software company Sage shows that 17,243 businesses entered insolvency in 2017. This figure is an increase of 4.2% from the year before. The research also highlights that the reasons for business failure are multi-faceted and varied, with poor financial planning always being one of the main culprits.

So what are your options?

Manufacturing businesses have a number of options available to help them manage cash flow and stay on top of financial planning. These include:

· Government grants and regional agencies

· Start-up loans

· Bank business loan

· Bank overdrafts

· Venture capital

· Private equity

· Angel Investment

· Expansion Capital

· Asset Finance

· Leasing and hire purchase


Choosing the right source of funding poses many challenges for firms, since it often comes down to choosing the right one at the right time. Before making decisions about borrowing money or seeking investment for your business, always seek professional advice.

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