RB5 Personal Training

4 May 2021

RB5 is a personal training business that creates individualized training programs for each one of its members. RB5 provides people with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to take control of their own health and fitness by integrating training into their lifestyle. The business prides itself in offering a personalized approach that many corporate high street gyms cannot.

Due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, RB5 have had to make several adaptions to their business model in order to remain accessible to members during Covid-19 lockdowns. This has included the creation of an online training platform allowing members access simultaneously from multiple locations and devices, which was implemented in just 2 days. Throughout the implementation of this new technology the D2N2 Growth Hub was able to offer the support of an expert business adviser to help guide the RB5 team in decision making and the strategic direction of the business. The Growth Hub has also been able to support the business in upskilling the team through the comprehensive webinar programme. Several webinars were attended covering digital marketing, business planning and strategy.

The support we have received from the Growth Hub has helped us upskill our trainers quickly. It has given us the confidence to take advantage of the opportunity to pause and reflect on the current situation and adapt our plans for the future. It has been a great experience to be able to connect with other business leaders and discuss common problems and issues within vastly differing industries and come out with common solutions which can help us all.

Ricky Berry, RB5 Owner

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