Upperton Pharma Solutions - D2N2 UpScaler

Upperton Pharma Solutions is a contract development and manufacturing organisation with more than twenty years’ experience in the development of dosage forms to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

While the Upperton team possess a huge amount of scientific knowledge and technical skill, it needed support to help it get the right business and management structures in place to continue its growth trajectory and exploit new markets and opportunities. Dr Laura Mason, Upperton’s director of business operations, attended several UpScaler workshops, including performance management, HR, and finance, to expand her knowledge of these key areas. The workshops have enabled Dr Mason and her team to implement a number of changes within the business, including putting in place a structure for staff performance reviews, and other team-building initiatives. 

The UpScaler events were great. As a business, we have a lot of scientific and technical knowledge, which was fine when we were a small team, but as we grew, we needed to improve on the business management and operations side of things. They were ideal for a small business like ours which was growing but needed a better understanding of how to manage that growth in the right way.

Dr Laura Mason, Upperton Pharma Solutions

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TTK Confectionery - D2N2 UpScaler

TTK Confectionery is a family business, based in Nottingham, which specialises in new product development and the design of packaging, confectionery and gifts for high street retailers.

The business had experienced rapid growth since it was founded in March 2017. Its turnover was £2.5m in 2019/20, and at three years old, the company was growing so fast that it needed help to manage that growth sustainably. TTK’s three directors attended peer forums and workshops organised by UpScaler, which covered subjects including structured growth, strategic leadership, marketing, planning and performance management. Katie Gilbert, Head of Product Development, benefitted from being signposted to the Women in Leadership programme at the Nottingham Business School. The business also received a graduate talent grant which enabled them to recruit for a product development role. 

I was always made to feel welcome, confident and comfortable whenever I dealt with UpScaler. Mixing and networking are encouraged, but it’s not a stuffy networking group, it’s definitely more for free-flowing ideas and sharing suggestions. It’s very much run for the benefit of the participants, not to big up the organisation

Jess Barnett, TTK Confectionery

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Rebel Recruitment - D2N2 UpScaler

Rebel Recruiters is a Nottingham-based recruitment consultancy specialising in the technology sector. It works with a diverse range of clients to source and place highly skilled candidates in a wide range of tech-based roles.

The company was founded in 2015 and underwent rapid growth between 2016 and 2018, but that growth hit a plateau in 2018. Therefore, managing director Azar Hussain contacted the D2N2 UpScaler Project for support in business planning and developing and defining the processes it needed to achieve its growth ambitions. Rebel Recruiters received ongoing support from an UpScaler business adviser, having conducted a diagnostic. Azar and his team also attended workshops on a host of subjects, including people and culture, finance, leadership and management, and business strategy. UpScaler also provided financial support through the programme’s graduate talent grant. As a result of this, the company has been able to adopt a host of new processes. It has worked to refine the company values and culture. In addition to that it has moved to new offices to enable further growth. 

As a small business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to get your head above water. The support from UpScaler has given me the confidence to take a step back and really focus on the things that will help the business grow and become more resilient. As well as the practical support we have received, it’s been great to be part of a peer-to-peer community where we can talk about the issues we are facing and share tips and ideas.

Azar Hussain, Managing Director, Rebel Recruiters

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Slõ Drinks - D2N2 UpScaler

Slõ Drinks develops and manufactures a wide range of nutritional products for people with Dysphagia, a medical condition which causes swallowing difficulties. Its products change the consistency of drinks to make them safer to swallow.

Since their launch in 2005 the business have achieved steady organic growth. They engaged with UpScaler for support to take their growth to the next level and launch into 11 new markets around the world. Founder, Mathew Done, worked closely with a Nottingham Trent University funded UpScaler mentor to look at several areas of the business and explore different ways of expanding internationally. Mathew also attended a host of UpScaler workshops, looking at subjects including HR, finance and marketing. As a result of UpScaler's intervention Slõ Drinks are currently gearing up to launch a franchise based model to license its products for use in other countries. The company has streamlined and simplified many of its processes, as well as introducing a new marketing strategy.

The support we’ve received from UpScaler has given us the confidence to think about things from a different perspective, set some bigger goals and then go for them. I was looking for knowledge and skills to take a small company and grow it overseas. If it hadn’t been for UpScaler, I would have had to buy this expertise in. The support has been fantastic and has enabled us to take the business in a completely new direction.

Mathew Done, Managing Director, Slõ Drinks

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Boost Wellbeing

Boost Wellbeing were looking for impartial and trusted business support to help them cut through the information overload and outdated information in the public domain. This support was provided through access to the Growth Hub’s comprehensive webinar and workshop programme which is delivered by expert business consultants, enabling them to upskill. The business was also put in touch with a dedicated business adviser and signposted to grant funding opportunities.

It feels like the “covid-thaw” is finally here, just as spring is starting to show itself! The world feels that little bit more certain and although there will be challenges in the New Normal, I’m feeling positive about the coming year. More people than ever have realised the value of looking after their wellbeing and resilience, and we will be there for anyone that would like to make use of our expert knowledge with a free consultation. Knowing that D2N2 is there to support local businesses (including mine) leaves me feeling grateful and reassured, and we will continue to access the invaluable knowledge that’s available from them.

Chris Downes, Director at Boost Wellbeing

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Paguro Ltd

Paguro Upcycle specialise in upcycled bags, jewellery and accessories made from recycled materials such as inner tubes, army tents, seat belts, and bike chains. The business works with small artisanal producers and each product is ethically and sustainably handmade.

The business owner, Yen Goo , was looking to grow the business by improving online sales and therefore found out about the Growth Hub through the comprehensive webinar programme. Yen attended several Growth Hub webinars on digital marketing such as: How to have greater impact using social media and Instagram shopping: turn social media into e-commerce. This enabled the business to grow their online presence and turn that into sales. 

I would highly recommend the webinars provided by D2N2. The topics are very current and the speakers are very helpful. It was particularly important for me to realise what I could realistically do myself and where I needed some outside support, helping me to invest our marketing budget wisely.

Yen Goo, Paguro

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Paintman Paint Ltd - D2N2 UpScaler

Paintman Paint Ltd is a multi award-winning family business that specialises in the sourcing and supply of heritage paint for vehicle restorations and other projects.

Since relocation in 2016 the business began to grow significantly. In early 2020, David’s son, Ali, came into the business with a view to sustaining its growth and implementing a succession plan beyond David’s retirement, and he was looking for advice and guidance on the best way to achieve this.

UpScaler has supported both Paintman’s original management team, and the succession, where most projects would have refused this. The management team attended several UpScaler workshops, including sessions on strategic finance, which helped stress the importance of credit ratings and filing correctly at Companies House, when looking to acquire more new business. Following the workshops, the company has developed a strategic five-year business plan to help stabilise its foundations as it gears up for further growth.

We absorbed a lot of what we learned at the UpScaler events, and implemented some of it into the business straight away. It helped us to refocus on where we are currently and where we need to be. There was a lot of information that I was already aware of, but it was good to both get a refresher and also get confirmation that we were doing the right things.

Ali Pickles, Paintman Paint Ltd

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P. Ducker Systems - D2N2 UpScaler

P. Ducker Systems (PDS) is a Derby-based engineering firm which creates bespoke, technology-driven systems integration solutions. Most of its work is on capital projects or service work for major UK infrastructure schemes in transportation, road tunnels, airports and HV power systems.

Having seen a 60% increase in turnover year on year, the business engaged with UpScaler as it was seeking advice and support to help it continue on its growth trajectory in a more planned and sustainable way. PDS has benefitted from grant funding to help it recruit graduates, a professional review of the business by an UpScaler adviser, and extensive workshops on a whole range of subjects. UpScaler’s support has provided PDS with a platform of advice and knowledge that has informed its thinking and guided its actions. The firm’s graduate talent funding has enabled it to strengthen its team and bring new and relevant skills into the business.

I have enjoyed the programme and always come away with valuable takeaways. It's ‘on-trend’, gives a heads up of what is coming and is delivered by experts who are real people, that are friendly, professional and supportive. As a result, we are more aware, more prepared, more resilient and ultimately, more successful. Having taken the right decisions for the right reasons we found ourselves prepared when the current crisis arrived and have worked through it pretty much unaffected.

Mike Rose, PDS

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Cube Construction Consultants

With over 25 years property and construction sector experience, Cube Construction Consultants (Cube) was set up in 2019 by industry experts Nicola Slater and Mark Johnston to help its clients build best practice into every stage of the construction process.

The business was introduced to the D2N2 Growth Hub so that they could discuss future business goals and aspirations in order to grow. Upon doing so the Cube team attended a free Growth Hub webinar on the Business Model Canvas delivered by facilitator Steve Hobbs. They were also supported by a Growth Hub business adviser and a digital and technology adviser from the Digital UpScaler project. Following on from this intervention the business were successfully awarded a Business Investment Fund grant which enabled the development of a new website and a brand refresh. 

From developing new opportunities and partnerships, concept development and pre-construction through to tendering, strategic planning and programme implementation, we support our clients and project teams to build best practice into every element of construction. Within our four key service areas of Construction Expertise, Business Growth, Project Partnerships and Business Growth there are multiple routes for expanding our capabilities and growing the team. We have made a great contact in Richard who can signpost us to relevant advice and guidance. Whether that is free webinars or training on a range of topics, exploring options for developing digital solutions or advice in terms of funding, the Growth Hub team is always supportive in helping us to achieve our visions for the future.

Nicola Slater, Co-Founder & Director, Cube

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PNE Controls - D2N2 UpScaler

PNE Controls is a dynamic and modern electrical control company that provides bespoke design, manufacturing, installation, software and support services for industrial automated systems.

The business had achieved steady growth since starting in 2015 and as its team grew bigger, it needed to move into new premises to accommodate this and give it further capacity to grow. Neil Cockings, the firm’s managing director, attended several UpScaler workshops looking at various aspects of business management and planning, to bring more knowledge into the businesses. Neil also received one to one support from a dedicated UpScaler adviser who helped him to take a step back from the business and focus on the bigger picture. Since UpScaler intervention the business has established new processes and recruited new staff, they are also in the process of obtaining ISO9001 accreditation. 

The support from UpScaler has been great and made me realise very quickly that I can’t look after every area of the business, continuously, on my own. It’s enabled me to approach things with a different mindset, be much more strategic with our planning, and bring in the right skills where we needed them, so that the business can run much more efficiently and effectively.

Neil Cockings, PNE Controls 

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ITP - D2N2 UpScaler

Integrated Transport Planning (ITP) is a sustainable transport planning and research consultancy. It employs a team of skilled professionals who share a passion for well-designed mobility schemes that meet people’s needs and match local contexts.

Having achieved steady growth since being founded in 1998, the business wanted to reassess it's position within the market and its offering to customers. To do this the business enrolled onto the D2N2 UpScaler Project

Key staff members attended UpScaler's tailored high growth workshops and forums on topics such as strategic HR, supplier development and employer brand. ITP received a graduate talent grant from the project which meant that they were able to hire a new staff member to assist them through their growth phase. In addition to this, one to one support was also provided. 

All the events were really well organised and the business advisers we dealt with were invaluable. They enabled us to think about things in a different way, that we hadn’t really thought about before, to get a new perspective on where we stand as a business. They were also convenient and didn’t demand a lot of time out of the office, which is good, because it didn’t focus too much of our attention away from running the business.

Jon Parker, ITP

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Jupiter Play & Leisure - D2N2 UpScaler

Jupiter Play & Leisure is one of the UK’s leading independent play and sports design consultancies.

Although Jupiter had achieved solid organic growth, it was looking for support as it was in the process of restructuring the business and wanted to refocus its offering to appeal to a UK-wide customer base.

The D2N2 UpScaler project was able to help by providing an in-depth diagnostic which helped the business to refine it's objectives. The Jupiter team also attended several UpScaler forums and workshops on subjects such as finance, business planning and supplier development. Following on from this intervention the business has already recruited two new members of staff and created an in-house installations team. 

The support we received from UpScaler enabled us to take a step away from the business and refocus our efforts on developing our strategic vision and working out what we need to do to get us there. As a business in transition, it’s often hard to take time away from the day to day to do that strategic thinking

Catherine Hoenigmann, Jupiter Play and Leisure

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