Bridge The Gap

16 July 2020

Bridge The Gap are a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the mental health of children, parents and teachers in Derby City and beyond. They currently offer a range of services from free support sessions in the community and an active informative Facebook page, to low cost resources, courses and workshops. They also offer one-to-one support and training. With help from the D2N2 Growth Hub, Bridge the Gap have accessed government support and lottery funding to have successfully adapt their provision in order to continue trading through Covid-19. 

When Covid hit and we closed the doors on our space, I was heartbroken. We were half-way through  running courses and programmes for children, and they had to abruptly stop. We tried to bring the sessions to a therapeutic close online but when that was completed, I felt exhausted and drained, like my brain had switched off.  There was so much to think about, furloughing our small team and then considering what to do for myself. After getting in touch with Lisa and the hub again I spoke to two advisors and they just listened to me. They let me cry. I felt like they understood and then I was able to talk through my options with them. It helped me to plan, apply for funding and get my brain switched back on! I've worked hard throughout lockdown and now have the team back together; I believe we have evolved and grown throughout the crisis - I can't thank the hub enough.

Jennifer Wyman, Bridge the Gap  

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