Case Studies from October 2019

Taylors Transport

Taylors TransportB Taylor & Sons Transport is one of the largest road haulage operators in the East Midlands. After deciding they needed significant investment in their IT systems in order to digitise their warehousing and distribution operations, they contacted the D2N2 Growth Hub. We were able to offer grant funding which went towards bespoke warehouse management solutions. This gave them the ability to dynamically manage and optimise storage, distribution and delivery of goods. Now they are far more streamlined and efficient in their processes, enabling them to bid on bigger contracts and bigger clients as a result.

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R.E.A.L Education

R.E.A.L EducationR.E.A.L Education, based in Mansfield, provide a precise and holistic approach to individual learner’s needs, with bespoke programmes for each child in their care, enabling them to reach their full potential. With grant funding from the D2N2 Growth Hub, the company were able to invest in a cloud based system to accommodate all of their business-critical systems and processes. This system has enabled the business to achieve their operational efficiencies and increase their capacity for growth. In the past 12 months R.E.A.L Education have created 40 new jobs and has engaged with 250 additional children and young adults.

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Paper Escape

Paper EscapePaper Escape procured grant funding from the D2N2 Growth Hub, which enabled them to process documents much quicker, allowing them to provide electronic document storage for more public and private sector organisations. The firm were also able to invest in new GDPR compliant technology which has been fundamental in transforming business operations, driving efficiencies and streamlining processes across the board, leading to enhanced capacity and an increase in both turnover and profitability.

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Des Gosling Mobility Ltd

Des Gosling Mobility LtdDes Gosling Mobility Ltd accessed grant funding and bespoke digital advice from the D2N2 Growth Hub. They were able to invest in a suite of new technology solutions, including CAD software and a 3D printer. Allowing the company the capability to design and create prototypes of new products and adaptations which aren’t available off the shelf, meeting specific client needs.

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ConSpareConSpare worked with the D2N2 Growth Hub to help redefine them as a business, helping to take them from the realms of selling spare parts and components to becoming a trusted process improvement partner to the industry’s big players. Receiving grant funding and bespoke digital advice, ConSpare were able to ‘Make it better’ to potential and existing clients.

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Abigail Warner Ltd

Abigail Warner LtdAbigail Warner Ltd received grant funding directly from the D2N2 Growth Hub, we helped them with the development of a new website and app. Since the website went live, Abigail Warner Ltd have won several high-profile contracts with retailers including Selfridges. Based in Derby, this has led to an increase in B2C sales, as consumers who have seen Abigail Warner products in prestige retailers are now able to enquire and buy directly from the online ecommerce store.

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