Case Studies from 2019

Nook & Cranny Ltd

Nook & Cranny LtdNook & Cranny Ltd is a rental property management company which provides luxury accommodation for executives in one of Nottingham’s most prestigious postcodes. Nook & Cranny’s primary target audience is business visitors from outside of the city of Nottingham, so the internet is a major route to market. As such, blogging and social media are key parts of the company’s overall marketing mix. The firm received 29 hours of support through the attendance of workshops, along with consultancy to ensure the website was as effective as it could be. Workshops attended covered a wide range of subjects including blogging for business, effective web content, integrating social media and advanced Google Analytics. Consultancy included expert advice about SEO.

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​​​​​​​Tek Troniks

Tek TroniksTek Troniks is a supplier of real-time, wireless temperature monitoring systems with alarm management, for the storage of temperature-sensitive goods in the food service, retail, production, medical and warehousing sectors. Tek Troniks accessed 18 hours of support through several fully-funded workshops including managing data, developing web content, effective SEO and email marketing.

“The email marketing workshop helped the team to identify errors in our email marketing plan. Attending the course allowed us to make the necessary changes which has seen growth in open and response rates to our emails. Without this workshop we would never have known what we were doing incorrectly.” – John Dyer, Operations Manager.

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Robert Rathbone

Robert RathboneRobert Rathbone is a professional photojournalist with more than 20 years’ experience with national newspapers, magazines and television in the UK. Drone technology has developed rapidly over the past few years and as a specialist, fully qualified provider of aerial filming, Robert wanted to invest in the latest equipment to enhance his offering to clients. Robert wanted to invest in a high-end drone capable of capturing production quality footage. He accessed £2,000 of funding towards the purchase of an industry-leading DJI Inspire 2 Drone, which enabled Robert to enhance his aerial filming capabilities.

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David Gill & Son

David Gill & SonDavid Gill & Son is a traditional blacksmith and ironworks, working out of the picturesque Aslockton Forge. David hand-crafts a range of personalised decorative objects, from candle holders to horseshoe hearts, which he sells online via Etsy. David accessed 21 hours of support from the D2N2 Growth Hub by attending fully-funded workshops which included working with digital images and visual marketing via Instagram and Pinterest. This was a vital avenue for promotion given the highly-visual nature of his products. These workshops gave him a broader understanding of the importance of images in ecommerce, and ways to capture professional-looking photographs for use on social media.

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Woodman’s Cider

Woodman’s CiderWoodman’s Cider is a maker of traditional hand-pressed cider, based in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir. As a relatively new business, the support Woodman’s Cider has received has been fundamental to helping it gets its website off the ground. They received 25 hours of fully-funded
support in workshops covering digital marketing, email marketing, ecommerce, developing effective web content and getting ready for GDPR. These workshops enabled them to launch their own website and social media channels, as well as implementing back-end CMS and email marketing systems to help them keep track of their engagements with customers.

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The Dairy Creative Agency

The Dairy Creative AgencyThe Dairy Creative Agency is a full-service marketing and design agency, working with a wide range of clients to deliver fresh ideas in marketing communications. After 138 hours of free digital support, partfunded by Rushcliffe Borough Council, they sent several members of staff on workshops covering a vast range of topics, including Google Analytics, social media advertising, ecommerce, email marketing, Cloud, mobile and chatbot technology, digital content and GDPR. The D2N2 Growth Hub were able to support the team to hone their existing skills and come up with new ideas of how to put them into practice.

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Yoga With Fiona

Yoga with FionaYoga With Fiona was founded by Fiona Morris, who provides private group, studio yoga classes, corporate yoga in the workplace and yoga retreats throughout Nottingham, alongside 1-2-1 yoga sessions. Establishing a credible presence online was key to growing the business for Yoga with Fiona. She received 39 hours of support in the form of fully-funded workshops which included; blogging for business, email marketing, SEO, social media and creating video content for the web. Fiona also learned how to set her business up on Google My Business and make a few SEO tweaks to increase the amount of traffic to the site and the amount of referrals that her business was getting online.

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The Split Screen Coffee Company

The Split Screen Coffee CompanyThe Split Screen Coffee Company is a family-run mobile coffee business. They can be found at various events across the East Midlands and beyond, as well as catering for corporate clients and private parties. They wanted a greater degree of control over the website and wanted to find better ways of promoting themselves online. They were able to attend workshops and conferences, covering blogging for business, developing effective web content, and SEO. It's enabled them to develop and launch their own website, using SquareSpace, and start selling their own blend of coffee online, as well as becoming more visible in search results and on social media.

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Arch Communications

Arch CommunicationsArch Communications is a public relations and marketing agency with clients across the East Midlands and beyond. Specialising in helping organisations improve their marketing and communications. They received 36 hours of fully-funded support in the form of workshops, including paid social advertising, social media, and email marketing. The company also took part in the 2019 D2N2 Digital Conference and Expo, and the Digital Growth Programme’s Rushcliffe Showcase event.

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Forde’s Coffee and Sandwich Bar

Forde’s Coffee and Sandwich BarForde’s Coffee and Sandwich Bar is an independently-owned coffee and sandwich shop. They wanted to launch a new website to go with their new branding, as well as offering an outside catering function, which they wanted to promote online. They received 33 hours of fully-funded digital support from the D2N2 Growth Hub, by attending workshops, including creating video content, developing effective web content, digital marketing, SEO, social media and Google Analytics.

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GeoSlamGeoSlam is a world-leading provider of 3D technology, providing solutions that capture the world in 3D and deliver information for making decisions. Digital represents a huge part of its marketing and business strategies globally. In order to assist with this, they accessed 30 hours of support in the form of fully-funded workshops. Subjects covered social advertising, creating effective content, email marketing and Google Analytics.

The workshops they attended enabled them to sharpen their digital skills, and fed into their culture of professional development.

"We have a digital-first mentality and are always looking for new and innovative ways to share our content with people around the world."

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ChampionsChampions is an award-winning full-service brand, marketing and communications agency, providing a raft of digital, creative and publishing services. The company recently approached us for help in equipping their staff with skills in SEO, website development and social media. They accessed 72.5 hours of fully-funded support, via our Digital Growth Programme. We also provided £56,000 worth of grant funding towards the purchase of new hardware and software. The workshop support they received, enabled them to equip their staff with the latest digital skills, and the financial support helped bring a number of digital projects to fruition.

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