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Tender Opportunity: D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership - Strategic Economic Plan

D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership wishes to revise its Strategic Economic Plan for publication in January 2018. The revised Strategic Economic Plan will run to 2030.

The 2016 draft of the D2N2 State of the Economy report demonstrates that in D2N2; we have had strong employment growth but there is a persistent productivity gap and inclusion challenge. This is important economically as it means that our jobs growth, whilst positive, does not necessarily mean that the D2N2 economy is currently an ‘economy that works everyone’ with the benefits of, and opportunities to contribute to, growth not shared between the businesses, people and places within D2N2.

D2N2 LEP is working with partners to compile a sound and informative evidence base to support the revision of the SEP. This includes detailed research on the linked challenges of productivity and inclusive growth.

D2N2 LEP wishes to appoint independent support to add to and build on this evidence base and support the D2N2 Board to develop a timely, well-informed, focused and effective Strategic Economic Plan.

This tender is for independent support to collate and analyse the SEP evidence base, drawing on a range of sources as well as undertaking further targeted evidence gathering as necessary, support the D2N2 Board to interpret the evidence gathered, identify the key challenges, set strategic priorities, consult with partners, support the board to consider the outcomes of consultation and draft a revised D2N2 Strategic Economic Plan.

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Derby City Council is the Contracting Authority for this project but the service provider will be working to the direction of the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership.

The maximum budget will be £32,500 inclusive of expenses but exclusive of VAT