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Writing Killer Website Copy Without Being Bland and Salesy

Everyone’s attention is difficult to grab on the internet, so you need to really nail your website copy. But what makes great website copy? Is it bullet points? Is it pushing your features and benefits, or just your features? If you’re not a keen writer, creating a whole website of decisive and engaging copy can be daunting. The good news is that you don’t need to be a seasoned sales writer - you just need to know your brand and how you are going to help your ideal customer.

Below are some easy-to-digest and actionable tips to help you write website copy that isn’t bland or too salesy.

Website copy

Imagine your ideal reader/client

Who exactly are you writing for? If it’s everyone, that means your copy will be too wide and you’ll end up trying to please too many people. Clearly picture your ideal reader in your head - then your copy will be more concise and speak to that particular audience.

Tell a story

There is so much content out there that making yours stand head and shoulders above the rest can be difficult. People don’t want to read about how great you are, how wonderful your services are, or even what you offer. Entertain them with a story that provides subtle messages about your business. Tell your business story, that is, why are you offering this to your clients? For me, I believe in offering only the best quality content for my clients after seeing how poorly people engage with SEO articles.

Use SEO responsibly

SEO is a great tool for online copy, but don’t let it hinder your life. If you always write for the machines, the humans won’t read it. This sums up the previous two tips – think of your audience and tell them a story. This will be much more powerful than SEO-heavy copy. I always write for my ideal client, then add in any keywords without altering the tone and purpose of the copy too much. The trick is to be educational whilst maintaining a strong voice. Write naturally and let your personality come through.

Give them benefits, not just a list of features

Understanding the difference between features and benefits can really give your copy a lift. When I used to write a lot of copy about outdoor garden furniture, I used to joke that I was selling the reader the dream of the furniture, not just the fact that it’s made from acacia hardwood. This is still true of all copy you write for your website. You’re telling your reader about how the product or service will improve and/or change their life, not just the main things it does.

Use short sentences and paragraphs

Shorter sentences are great. They get to the point. They don’t ramble. And they make it easier to read. Don’t restrict your writing though - let it flow naturally, but if you do notice a lot of long sentences, see what you can do to cut them down.

Short paragraphs are also a benefit. When visitors come to your website, large chunks of unbroken text can easily encourage them to look elsewhere. They don’t look great on the page – especially not on a digital one – and most people will skim read your copy anyway. Sub-headings is a great way to achieve this.

Avoid jargon

Complicated words can be a turnoff for many people. Especially those who are new to your topic. If you’re writing for beginners or creating an introductory piece, then jargon will do nothing but ruin an otherwise perfectly good bit of writing.

Just dive in and have a go!

In my own writing practise, I just jump in and start writing. I like to follow my muse and my flow. It’s always better to have something to edit than nothing.

When you’re finally done with your copy, put it to one side, then come back and edit at a later date. A fresh pair of eyes is the perfect solution to finding the bits that don’t work and assessing the overall quality of the piece.

For all new creative processes, there is a steep learning curve, so don’t stress out about nailing it the first time. Write with passion and you’ll have killer website copy that isn’t bland and boring.

About the author: Victoria McDonagh


Victoria has a strong background in creative writing and marketing, and loves nothing more than using words to educate and inform. Victoria started Victoria M Consultancy to supply quality, curated content that engages people as well pleasing search engines. She also advises clients on social media, email marketing and digital marketing strategy.

Email: vcoi@itracnutnycmitravcoimoslac.o

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